I have worked as a photographer for many years in different disciplines. Starting out as a press and sports photographer for the national and international press in the UK, I covered all types of news and sports events dealing with high profile personalities and strict print deadlines. I used my experience in efficient operation and storytelling to work commercially in digital and print advertising and promotional photography. I then moved to Indonesia and worked underwater as a photographer / videographer in marine conservation and lifestyle imagery. This was where I started to work as a real estate photographer importing all my experience from different disciplines of photography and project management. 

After moving from Indonesia to Norway, I started a successful real estate and commercial photography business. This is where I really gained a lot of experience in real estate photography. Having now photographed nearly 10,000 properties in different countries and continents I can safely say that I have seen pretty much everything and I am confident of being able to handle any situation photographically to get the best for the client.

I have now moved to Vancouver, Canada and I am looking forward to working with some of the wonderful properties and real estate agents here. Drop me a line, I would love to chat about your new project or just make a new friend here in BC.

As well as working in real estate, I am fascinated by the natural world. I do a lot of work underwater with cameras as well as on land with animals and landscapes taking commissions to photograph wildlife, products and lifestyle in more adventurous situations. Please click the link below to view my other work.


I have always invested in the best equipment available so I can deliver the best quality imagery consistently on all assignments, small or large.  I own and use a wide variety of cameras, lenses, lighting equipment and drones of only the highest quality, upgrading regularly.

Customer Service and Professionalism 

Having dealt with the most demanding of clients from celebrities and sports stars to royalty, I know that interpersonal skills are just as important as technical ability in order to deliver on every assignment. 


I am able to draw on many years of experience as a professional photographer in various countries and disciplines that all come together to enable me to interpret the clients ideas and deliver high quality content in a professional and timely manner.